We’re indrodusing great softness and quality, Rocco Ragni Cashmere brand. 

It all began in the 1970s when the Ragni family bought a charming dominican monastery in Compresso.
The beautiful property and area is surrounded by olive groves and cyprus trees, for them it was the catalyst of their inspiration and creativity.
Family buisness was growing. In 1976 Rocco was born. He followed in the family footsteps, used his skills and successfully launched his own brand named Rocco Ragni Cashmere in 2014.
Weaving and looping are done by highly specialized personnel that follows the most innovative trends in fashion but still keeping the manual knowledge of textile and tailor tradition.
Rocco guarantees knitwear that is soft and delicate, but durable. He uses only high quality Italian cashmere yarns for his collections, but also contains silk or merino wool, giving them a variation for specific projects.
Roccos philosophy with his designs is to develop them for todays market whilst respecting the artisan background from which they developed thereby ensuring the family connections and roots still exist. This ensures Made in Italy is the the heart and soul of the products.